August 15, 2022

Pinger Launches Textfree With Voice Calling App on Android, Providing Unlimited Free Calls and Messages

Textfree, textfree with voice, Pinger Network

Users of the Pinger messaging platform on Android rejoice, as the company has just launched a brand new version of its Textfree app in the Google Play Store.

Voice Calling makes its debut on Android devices with free incoming calls

The most notable addition in this new app is the launch of voice calling. Users can now have access to unlimited free texting and calling, and have the ability to call landlines. Incoming calls from anyone, anywhere in the world are always free. Users can also make free or cheap calls to anyone in the US and Canada. You get 10 free minutes to start and users can earn minutes to use for additional free outbound calls.

This latest update comes a few months after the company’s initial launch of the Pinger Network — the company’s unified messaging platform that allows users to communicate with any other Pinger user, regardless of the Pinger app they’re using — and new apps GIF Chat, Freestyle Text, and JukeVox.

No word yet on when Textfree with Voice Calling will launch on additional mobile platforms, and of course, the Textfree without voice calls still remains in Google Play.

If Textfree with Voice Calling sounds like your cup of messaging and calling tea, you can download it directly via Google Play.