February 5, 2023

Keep Your Family and Friends Talking With Rebtel App’s Mobile Top Up Feature

Rebtel Mobile Top Up, Add Rebtel funds, Gifting on Rebtel

VoIP and messaging apps are all about staying connected, and Rebtel is no exception. Rebtel has decided to make it even easier to stay connected by allowing you to top up the account of a friend or family member, perfect for those who have college students studying abroad that happen to run out of credit.

Mobile Top Up is a new Rebtel feature that was introduced not too long ago and can fit hand in hand with a global roaming carrier to keep you talking no matter where you are, whether you’re on WiFi or not.

To top up an account, simply choose a person from your Android address book and then select the amount you would like to send. You will see the amount your friend will receive in their local currency along with the total amount to be charged to your credit card. Once you’ve confirmed the Top Up, you’re all set.

It is important to note that you can only send credit to prepaid mobiles in select countries.

You can see Mobile Top Up in action via the video below. To get started with Mobile Top Up, simply download the latest version of Rebtel onto your device.