December 6, 2021

WhatsApp Messenger for Firefox OS Is Not Planned Despite Reports to the Contrary

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If you’ve been hoping to see WhatsApp Messenger heading to your Firefox OS device soon, you will be disappointed to learn that WhatsApp head of business Neeraj Arora has confirmed that the company has no plans to bring the app to Firefox OS.

The confirmation came on Twitter (via) and are contradictory to earlier reports from the CEO of Spanish carrier Telefonica, who had said that WhatsApp would be headed to the fledgling operating system in the “next few weeks.”

It’s possible there is a “near future” plan in place to bring WhatsApp to Firefox OS

It seems strange that a high profile executive like Telefonica’s CEO would spread misinformation, so it’s possible that WhatsApp and the carrier are indeed working on a future plan to bring the app to the OS. Still, this is very speculative and there’s also the possibility that there are not any official plans and the carrier was simply trying to move people to pick up Firefox OS smartphones rather than those of other platforms. Only time will tell.

Would you like to see WhatsApp on Firefox OS?