September 25, 2022

Regional Business Add-Ons Arrive for Truphone Users to Utilize in Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America

Truphone has just introduced three regional mobile plans for customers in the United States that will help roaming businesses stay connected over voice, text, and 3G data services while traveling in the Asia Pacific, European and North American regions.

Truphone’s new regional business plans feature customizable single-user or shared allowances for voice, texts and data across the entire region that are “designed to help businesses stay productive and manage the complexity and costs associated with international mobile communications” according to the company.

“Our new regional mobile plans were built for global business,” said Pascal de Hesselle, Vice President of Marketing for Truphone Americas. “The plans now make it even easier for multi-national businesses to stay closer to their contacts, increase productivity and keep their international mobile costs reasonable. Truphone is committed to making sure that business abroad is business as usual.”

Of course, these plans build upon Truphone’s existing offers with its global roaming SIM card, including the ability to utilize multiple international mobile numbers on a single SIM card throughout the company’s “Truphone Zone,” which currently includes Australia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the Netherlands. The service itself will still work in over 220 additional countries as well and directly competes with a growing number of other international services in the space.

Find out more about and sign up for the new plans via the Truphone website.