December 6, 2021

Sticker Shop Categories, Search Tool, Timeline Post Editing Added to LINE Application for iOS, Coming Soon to Android

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300 million users are a lot to listen to, but Naver Corp., the company behind LINE app, has been doing just that, as demonstrated in its latest update, version 3.10.0 for iOS.

LINE Stickers, LINE search, LINE featuresLINE 3.10.0 brings a notably large list of updates to the Chat Room Menu, Sticker Shop, Timeline, and more. One of the most notable of these new features is the ability to search the LINE Sticker Shop. New stickers are added to LINE every week. As such, this can make it difficult to locate the stickers you want without being able to search for them. Luckily, LINE has acknowledged this and added the search function to make locating those beloved Brown and Cony stickers much easier.

The search function makes it easier to find stickers like Brown and Cony.

Speaking of the LINE Sticker Shop, Categories have also been added to assist in locating those stickers, and are organized by character and theme.

Editing Timeline posts is also now possible thanks to the newest LINE update as long as you’re only editing text-based posts. By pulling up the post in question and tapping the new Edit Post option found under Menu, you are able to access the functionality.

Like KakaoTalk’s most recent update, LINE also changed its app’s splash screen to a new winter theme in its latest update.

LINE sticker store, LINE categories, LINE appsMentions have also been added to LINE. Mentions on LINE are similar to Twitter or other social networks and apps in that you can place an @ symbol in front of a friend’s name to reference a friend in a comment.

LINE has also made additional improvements to the application based upon user feedback, including:

  • a new “Simple” design (iPhone only)
  • Video Call and Edit Name to the drop-down menu in the Chat room.
  • Increased the number of photos that can be saved in one album to 1000
  • option to switch Timeline to Add Friends on the main menu. (Go to Settings > Timeline/Home > Display on the main menu and select ON/OFF)

Don’t worry, Android users; LINE says that a version “offering the same features will be released in the near future.” Notably absent from mention is Windows Phone.

Update your LINE app via iTunes and let us know in the comments below how the new version works for you.