December 2, 2022

Users in Saudi Arabia Now Have Newly-Unrestricted Access to the Viber Calling and Messaging Application

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After Viber CEO Talmon Marco vowed to get the service back on in the country, there was no telling how long it would take, nor what could be done to get Saudis connected again. However, it appears as though he has kept his promise. Numerous reports from users have suggested that the application is now able to be accessed in the country again.

An initial ban of the application back this past summer led to many users — and the CEO himself — to be frustrated with the situation, which supposedly took place because of the failure of telecoms to monitor the application.

The app has more than 200 million users and currently resides on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and legacy BlackBerry devices, with plans for a BlackBerry 10.2 version scrapped back in October.

Marco has confirmed the app’s availability on Twitter:

If you haven’t already downloaded (or redownloaded) the application, you can now do so via iTunes (KSA number required) or the Viber website for Android users.