May 19, 2022

Kik Messenger is Now Available for Android-Powered Amazon Kindle Devices

Kik, Kik people, Kik Messenger cards

Got Kindle Fire? If you said “yes” then you also now have the ability to download Kik Messenger onto your Kindle device.

Kik had apparently received a lot of requests from users to get its messaging app onto the platform and finally decided to bend to user demands.

Kik Cards arrive alongside the messaging application for Kindle Fire.

Kindle Fire tablets use the Android operating system, so naturally Kik has ported a version of its current Android app to the Amazon App Store. This, of course, includes the popular Kik Cards — and therefore all the Kik Games that come with it — and the ability to “instantly explore content, play games, create funny memes and more” without having to close out of your messaging client.

Kik recently surpassed 100 million users, up from 80 million in August and is currently growing faster than WhatsApp, one of its largest messaging rivals in the United States.

If you’re ready to light up your Kindle Fire with Kik, you can find the messaging app in the Amazon App Store.