January 29, 2023

WhatsApp Rolls Out a Few Notable Bug Fixes and Improvements to Android

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Android devices were issued a WhatsApp Messenger update today — version 2.11.150 — that addresses a few bugs and also makes some improvements to the messaging app.

WhatsApp did note some issues with ART. ART is the new Android RunTime introduced with Android 4.4.1. According to WhatsApp, the application could not be installed in Android RunTime (ART) on Android 4.4. The issue with ART has been fixed in the latest release of Android (4.4.1).

WhatsApp has rolled out a few bug fixes and improvements for sending and receiving audio and video, so things should be a bit easier for those sending voice and video messages.

Minor fixes for Android 4.4 have been released as part of the update, along with some miscellaneous translation fixes and improvements. WhatsApp also notes it has a “workaround” for “some issues on Samsung Galaxy S4,” but did not elaborate on what exactly these issues were.

If you haven’t already received these fixes, you can download the new WhatsApp for Android via Google Play.