January 29, 2023

Pinger Launches GIF Chat on Windows Phone, Bringing Snapchat-Like Conversations With It

GIF Chat, Windows Phone messaging, Pinger Network

A few months after launching GIF Chat on iOS and Android, Pinger has finally released a Windows Phone version.

GIF Chat users have full control over their content

Like the versions available for other platforms, GIFs on GIF Chat for Windows Phone can be set to self-destruct after being viewed. GIF Chat users can control who sees their content; anything marked private is kept private so only those who are authorized to see it are able to.

Similar to Vine, GIF Chatters can send 6-seconds of video and they can also set the video speed, add text and determine the number of loops the recipient can view before it disappears. These loops can even be set to unlimited if the user so chooses.

Self-destructing GIFs and videos meet chat

The app instantly creates a unique animated GIF that can be sent privately to another GIF Chat user or anyone on any app on the Pinger Network, the company’s unified messaging and monetization platform.

No word yet on if or when other Pinger Network apps like JukeVox Messenger or Free Style Messenger will join GIF Chat on the Windows Phone Store, but we’ve reached out to see if we can nail down a possible release date. For now, you can download GIF Chat via the Windows Phone Store.