February 7, 2023

Vine Says Web-Based Profiles are “Coming Soon” With Vanity URLs Coming Out Today

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Messaging and social apps are every bit about identity as they are about sending, receiving, and sharing content. Vine is, of course, no different.

Vine profiles, Vine app, Vine video sharingIn fact, Vine is taking a big step toward the identity side of the aisle with the release of vanity URLs, which allow users to choose a profile address of their own liking. Beginning at 2PM ET today, December 20, the video messaging network will allow users to do just that.

Vine’s web profiles are “coming soon” and will make staying up to date on the newest Vines easier

This isn’t the only change coming to Vine however. Vine is also launching web-based profiles for users, which it says are “coming soon.” These profiles will allow Viners to learn more about the video creators and also see additional videos from those particular users.

Unfortunately, details on the exact profile functionalities are scarce at this point, but they’ll likely contain a short customizable “about me” section with a listing of videos and a profile picture. Videos will likely still be uploaded via the mobile app as they are today, but it’s certainly bound to make things easier for those looking to stay in touch with Vine friends on a desktop, laptop, or tablet device.