September 27, 2022

Snapchat Adds “Additional Services” to Its App for Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, Including New Filters

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Snapchat fans on Apple devices have just received a new treat just in time for the holidays in the form of “Additional Services.”

Snapchat’s Additional Services include smart filters that add data overlays to your snaps along with visual filters and special text to boot. Snapchatters will also find Replay and Front Facing Flash.

Replay mode is a departure from the very idea of Snapchat

The Replay mode is arguably the most notable out of all these features, turning Snapchat in a new direction from its previous course. Previously, you only had one shot to see a snap, but now you’ll be able use a backup play once per day.

Finally, the new update also allows for up to 7 Best Friends, an increase from the three normally allotted.

It’s easy to enable the new additional services — inside the Snapchat application, just navigate to Settings, tap Additional Services, and then select Manage.

Update: Just after the publication of this article, this same update was also made available for Android.

Check out the latest Snapchat update. What do you think of the new additional services?