September 27, 2022

ChatON for Android Receives Bug Fixes With Ability to Turn off SMS and MMS Functions Forthcoming

Samsung ChatON, chaton app, chaton friends

Users of Samsung’s ChatON application for Android should have received an update notification in their Google Play Stores prompting them to download version 3.2.137 of the popular messaging application.

The update includes a few fixes for “errors from the previous version.” Samsung also says that the ability to completely turn on or turn off the newly-launched SMS and MMS functions will be supported in the next version for those users who would rather have their messaging via the app separate from their device.

Meanwhile, ChatON Tablet v3.0 gives users an entirely new UI design to make navigating the application “easier and simpler” as well as the ability for users to change the background of “My page” and upload multimedia contents such as images, videos, and location information on the app’s “PostON” feature.

The new update can be downloaded by scanning or clicking on this QR code or directly via your Android device’s Google Play Store.