November 27, 2022

Weekend Update for TextMe Brings A Quad of Fixes to Smartphones

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TextMe is a great application to consider if you’re looking for a texting or calling alternative for your Android device, especially if you want to keep your “real” phone number under wraps or you want to be able to take advantage of low-cost international calls that aren’t offered through your local carrier.

Version 2.2.30 was released early Saturday while many users were still busy eating their fill of holiday leftovers and playing with their new gadgets. This new version includes four notable fixes:

  • Fix sound issues on some devices
  • Fix disappearing outbound international SMS under particular circumstances
  • Fix delivery receipt problem for some messages
  • Fix “Text” and “Call” action buttons in the rate finder page

Unfortunately, no new features or groundbreaking changes this time, but such is to be expected in most updates that are released for apps nowadays anyway. Update your TextMe app right here if you haven’t already, and here’s hoping you have a happy (and message-filled) New Year!