May 29, 2023

ProSnap Brings Snapchat to Windows 8.1 and the Modern Interface

ProSnap, Snapchat for Windows 8, Snapchat for Windows

In the growing tradition of third-party apps like 6Snap for Windows Phone and Snap2Chat for BlackBerry 10 — platforms that don’t yet have an official Snapchat app — a new application has just recently been released that brings Snapchat features to Windows 8.1.

Called ProSnap, the app marks the first time a third-party Snapchat app has been made available for Microsoft’s modern interface for desktops, laptops and tablets and works whether you have a camera or not.

ProSnap lets users create acccounts, send and receive snaps, and manage friends

Like the first-party application, ProSnap allows users to send and receive snaps, manage existing and add new friends, and even create a new Snapchat account. Aside from this, the app is a new release, so don’t expect a whole lot of features this time around — no text on your snaps, the inability to send videos, and a limit to sending snaps to one friend are some of the current limitations. What ProSnap does include, however, should at least keep Snapchatters feeling content on new devices.

If you would like to keep in touch with your Snapchat friends on Windows 8.1 and Windows RT, get the app in the Windows Store.