February 6, 2023

Android KitKat Support, International and Virtual Telephone Numbers Arrive on VoX Mobile VoIP

Vox App, Pervasip Corp, Vox Mobile VoIP

Vox Mobile VoIP (not to be confused with Voxer or Voxox) has had a pretty busy year after officially releasing its iOS version in August and launching a number of international calling plans aimed at keeping people connected at no or low cost.

A new update has just been released that expands VoX into Android KitKat territory. In addition, Pervasip Corp. has also added international telephone numbers as well as virtual numbers to its app’s core feature set, which should make it easier to ring in the new year with friends or family who might be far away.

Sync your address book contacts to invite your friends to VoX

Finally, address book support has also been added. Should you grant the VoX app your permission, the app will be able to scan your address book and invite the contacts you chose to download VoX and partake in the company’s calling offers.

If you haven’t yet received the update, you can download it right now via Google Play.