December 2, 2022

Major KakaoTalk Update Hits iOS, Including New UI Changes, In-App Browser, and New Theme

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KakaoTalk users on iOS devices have been treated to a new update courtesy of the South Korean company.

The new update includes a pretty sizable list of changes that are targeted at improving the overall Kakao user experience, including a revamped UI design. The update moves menus on the left to the keyboard area in the chatroom instead while adding a menu on the right to display a list of participants. In addition, an improved mini-profile feature and improved UI/UX design for the Voice Note feature coincide with changes to the shape of a profile picture to a more rounded feel. The ChattingPlus apps have been moved to the More tab as well.

In addition to the aforementioned UI changes, the update also adds a new in-app browser and a new “Kakao Friends – Winder Story” theme. Who knows? We could even be surfing new content on Kakao

Of course, an update just wouldn’t be an update without some performance improvements and bug fixes to accompany the bigger changes, and this new version includes those as well.

To experience the new UI and theme four yourself, download KakaoTalk version 4.0.0 via iTunes.