February 7, 2023

Snapchat Has Implemented Ghost-Finding “Snaptcha” Verification to Improve the Security of Its App

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Snapchat has had a rough start to 2014 with a New Year’s hacking and then an unrelated spam fest, but it’s been making strides to make sure the rest of the year goes a lot smoother. To that end, it has just added a new verification feature to its popular disappearing-photo-sharing application.

Snaptcha requires registering users to find the Snapchat logo in pictures

In a nutshell, the feature requires users to find the Snapchat “ghost” logo when they intitially register for a new account (existing users, of course, shouldn’t notice any change). Users will be prompted with “Just making sure you’re not a robot. Select all images containing a ghost.” during registration, at which point they’ll have the choice of nine images to choose from, some of which include the Snapchat logo while others contain similar-looking images that are meant to throw off computerized registrations.

Snapchat, Snapchat security, Snapchat app

This new form of registration was confirmed to TechCrunch by Snapchat with a brief statement:

“We appreciate the efforts of those who help identify vulnerabilities in our service and we continue to make significant progress in our efforts to secure Snapchat.”

These improvements should go a long way in helping to secure Snapchat against any new threats, and most of the existing threats are being looked into from what we’ve been told. It’s a good bet that as the year progresses, we should see even more holes filled in Snapchat’s security.