February 6, 2023

In-App Purchases Are Now Available on Truphone VoIP for Android Along With Offline Notifications

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Truphone’s app has been slowly and surely pushing out updates on both iOS and Android. A new update released today brings a few new features to the Android OS.

In-app purchases can be made via Google Wallet or major debit and credit cards

While the ability to make in-app purchases was previously rolled out for iOS — which gives the impression that iOS seems to be the top priority for the company — that ability was never pushed to Android, at least until now. As of today’s release (version 5.3.3), Truphone app users will be able to top-up their Truphone credit within the application using either Google Wallet or a major debit or credit card.

Truphone has also ensured their message and voicemail notifications are “integrated with Google’s network” so users will be able to recieve a notification even if they happen to be offline.

Of course, the update also includes the usual round of bug fixes and improvements, with the latest batch focusing on the UI and calling experiences.

If you haven’t already, you can get the latest Truphone app update via Google Play.