February 7, 2023

WeChat for Windows Phone 8 Gains Increased Group Chat Capacity and More

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Tencent has been pumping up its ever-popular WeChat app on Windows Phone. Though it still lacks the fastidiousness of WhatsApp on the platform, it nevertheless shows a commitment to Microsoft’s mobile OS that is not seen by nearly as many calling and messaging apps as there really seems to be a need for.

To that end, WeChat has just gained some new features with today’s update to version 5.1, the most notably of which is the increased group chat capacity to a whopping 100 members. While it’s highly unlikely you’ll be chatting with 100 friends or family members simultaneously, it does open doors for businesses to be able to utilize WeChat to stay in contact with their team members on the platform.

The increased group chat capacity allows business to be able to utilize WeChat on Windows Phone

The update also includes the ability to forward more than one message at a time, the option to preview stickers before buying with a simple press and hold on the sticker, and the ability to view messages not sent in the chat list.

WeChat previously brought animated sticker support to Windows Phone, so this update helps build on that feature in a good way.

Download WeChat 5.1 via the Windows Phone Store, and don’t forget to add our official account!