January 29, 2023

MobileGlobe Launches Adjustable Data Roaming Bundles for Professionals

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Business travelers going abroad have many options available to help them avoid the evils of “” and the accompanying high global roaming phone bills. International operator MobileGlobe has decided to provide business professionals with another option.

Use MobileGlobe’s “adjustable” plans without contract and without changing operators

MobileGlobe is now offering a new “adjustable” data roaming package that requires no contract and doesn’t even require users to change from their current operator. The new plan provides data connectivity in over 100 countries using a WiFi router that allows up to 6 participants to connect at once. The router is the “same size as a credit card and no thicker than a Smartphone.”

There are seven different packages to choose from, each of which will charge the user only for what they use rather than a cut and set amount:

(Plans excluding VAT)

  • <5MB for 10€
  • 30MB for 30€
  • 100MB for 70€
  • 300MB for 175€
  • 500MB for 300€
  • 1GB for 420€
  • 3GB for 1400€

If additional data is needed beyond 3GB, overages are charged at € 1/MB (excl. VAT) and € 0.25/MB (excl. VAT) from European countries.

The new plans step away from the norm

This marks the first time that MobileGlobe, which has been in business since March 2012, has strayed from the norm of charging plans in bundles similar to that of other global roaming providers. From now on, customers can sign up for an adjustable world-wide data plan that adapts itself to their monthly consumption.

“By helping businesses to significantly reduce their data roaming charges, this new deal underpins our commitment to help businesses optimise their telecoms budget.” explains Yoann Valensi, CEO of MobileGlobe. “This new adjustable package gives professionals lower-priced data roaming, with no commitment and no contract. Users can save up to 90% on their monthly bill, depending on the country they are travelling to. Customers can decide to stop using it whenever they like, and pay no further charges.”

You can sign up for MobileGlobe’s adjustable global package online or by phone. Users will also be able to keep track of their consumption or change bundles via a dedicated online interface.