October 20, 2021

Google Continues to Fix SMS and MMS Messaging Sending and Receiving in Its Hangouts App for Android

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Still having issues with SMS and MMS sending and receiving in Google Hangouts? Apparently, you’re not alone.

In addition to December’s fixes for the SMS and MMS feature, Google has pushed out another update today that addresses more of the same.

One of the bugs specifically addressed by Google’s update prevented “some” users from sending text messages longer than 160 characters.

The update does not add any new features and also does not contain additional fixes beyond those already mentioned.

Like Facebook’s Messenger app Google Hangouts appears to have more users than dedicated messaging apps since it operates in conjunction with a full social network, Google Plus.

Google has been constantly pushing its social network into all of its services, including YouTube, so the amount of users Hangouts has can be skewed because of this and has been steadily increasing from last year’s 500 million. By comparison, Facebook has over 1 billion users while dedicated messaging platform WhatsApp has 400 million active users. Still, the number of active users on Hangouts has been steadily increasing as a result of these pushes.

The new Google Hangouts can be downloaded for free via Google Play.