February 5, 2023

Samsung’s ChatON Application Updated With New Push Notifications, Sync Modifications

Samsung, ChatON, messaging apps

Keep chatting through the rest of this week with a brand new version of Samsung’s popular ChatON application. The new update, version 3.4.39, adds some new enhancements to push notifications and syncing.

The new update enables push notifications for updates about ChatON such as new buddy suggestion, new PostONs, and more. It’s possible that this new update could increase the engagement of users on ChatON, bringing it up to par engagement-wise with apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook’s Messenger.

The synchronization period of SMS list between the device’s native SMS application and ChatON has been shortened. Samsung also added SMS and MMS support for devices running Android KitKat. The SMS and MMS function was added back in November and is only available in a limited number of countries.

No changes occurred from the previous Android tablet edition beyond what was added back in November.

To get started using the new update, be sure to scan or tap on our QR code to download it directly to your device.