November 27, 2022

Zello Adds Workaround for New Account Creation to Assist Venezuela Protestors

Zello PTT, Push to talk, Walkie talkie

Never one to shy away from assisting its users, Zello, a popular push-to talk application that allows you to converse with up to 300 users via a channels system, has just released an update for both Android and iOS that inserts a workaround for new account creation.

Zello users in Venezuela have been experiencing issues connecting to the application due to government attempts to quash connectivity, but Zello continues to work in favor of its users during the struggle.

The workaround is present in versions 2.11 (iOS) and 2.48 (Android) of the walkie talkie app and is the only change present with the new update, which is the second one we’ve received this month since Zello added “mute on the fly” capabilities about two weeks ago.

While it’s currently available for iOS and Android, Zello is currently in beta form for Windows Phone, which means we’ll soon be able to see new Zello messages light up our Live Tiles.

Get the new Zello Walkie-Talkie update here or by tapping the “update” button via Google Play or iTunes.