February 6, 2023

LINE Announces Creators Market: Create And Sell Your Own Stickers for Use in Messaging

LINE Creators Market, LINE app, LINE messaging stickers

LINE denied any rumors of it being sold off, and instead wants its users to be able to sell their own wares through its app. To that end, LINE has announced that a new service is “coming soon” that will allow its users to do just that.

LINE Creators Market will let users make money off their very own creations

LINE Creators Market will allow its more artistic users to sell their own sticker creations on a dedicated web-based market, where they’ll earn a 50 percent split on the sales. This is the first of its kind from any messaging application and will certainly help keep the application ad-free. With over 300 million registered users, this could enable the most artistic users to earn some pretty good coin.

This feature will be made available alongside LINE’s existing sticker shop and will undoubtedly help increase user engagement on a whole new level. Since the announced sale of WhatsApp to Facebook, many messaging applications have been looking to do just that in a joint attempt to get some of those users to break up with WhatsApp and its new owner for good.

LINE Creators Market is set to launch in Japan this April.