September 25, 2022

Attach Messages to Real-World Objects With FlyBy Messenger, A New Way to Share Messages With Friends

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We’ve seen a great many mobile messaging apps hit the space, each doing something slightly different, but all looking to do the same thing: engage as many users as possible in order to become major success stories. We’ve seen interactive messaging and we’ve seen hyper secure messaging. Now we’re seeing something new altogether: message sharing using real-world objects.

Flyby is the first mobile consumer platform that lets people connect social messages to objects in the world around them. The new messenger is designed to bring the higher emotional connection of communicating in the real world to the ubiquity of mobile.

Flyby modernizes ways to exchange notes with friends

Think of Flyby as a modern way to leave a note in a friend’s locker. Using Flyby, the actual locker is still where friends leave and retrieve messages; but now digital messages replace paper, and the app’s computer vision technology identifies the message’s location and unlocks the video.

Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp proves that mobile and social messaging has penetrated the global consumer market, and the announcement of Google’s Project Tango shows the industry’s drive to apply real world context to mobile,” said Mihir Shah, president and chief executive officer of Flyby Media, Inc. “Flyby is at the center of these trends, making messaging more meaningful by involving the world around you. Flyby isn’t about the count of followers or the immediacy of gratification; it’s about the context. By attaching messages to actual objects, our digital conversations come alive.”

There are a great many ways to use Flyby, like leaving Easter Eggs for your fans. One of the app’s early adopters, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Genevieve Morton, is using the platform to send special messages to her fans. Her first Flyby is the story of how she broke into the U.S. market from South Africa and made her first dollar with Sports Illustrated – and is, appropriately, attached to a dollar bill (those interested can view this message and others by downloading Flyby Messenger and sending her a friend request).

The Flyby app is built on Flyby Media’s proprietary technology platform that includes context-aware capabilities in the fields of image recognition, sensor fusion, and indoor navigation.

As one of Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects’ key Research and Development partners, Flyby Media is providing integral technology components and know-how in the field of computer vision to Project Tango. The company is leading the industry’s development of next generation computer vision for mobile devices, and plans to launch on the Project Tango hardware and ecosystem in the near future. For now, the app is available on iTunes for free.