New iOS7 Interface Coming to Viber? Photo on Facebook Hints “Yes”

In the continuing trend of messaging apps optimizing for the new iOS 7 interface comes a hint that Viber may be doing the same thing.

The above photo was posted on the Viber Facebook page this morning, hinting at the release of an iOS 7 version that the company has “submitted to Apple.” This means we should be seeing the new version live in the App Store within the next five days or so.

The new Viber appears to be brighter in hue, matching iOS 7 perfectly. You can see the normal hue on the computer screen in the photo with the lighter shade on the iPhone.

We doubt this is all that Viber has changed in the new update, but so far details regarding the new version are scarce, so all we have to go on is what we can depict visually from the teaser photograph. Of course, we’ll be sure to update everyone on any changes that may appear once the new version is released.

Do you notice any additional changes in the photo above? Sound off in the comments below or post your observations in our new Forums!

  • meganc

    The background looks different…

  • Finn

    Besides an updated UI for iOS 7, It would be common for the long over due update to feature most of what the current Android and WP8 have – ‘Blocking people etc’. This has been such an anticipating wait for iPhone users who have been waiting the most, patiently for the overhaul and stability of the IM app. Now it’s down to counting days for Viber to pass the audit in the approval review by Apple. 2-5 days should be the ETA, given that Viber have allowed it to be auto-published once it is ready.

    Nevertheless, can’t wait for this update!

    • Andy Quek

      Just F.Y.I, Viber on Windows Phone 8 does not feature “call block” and lacks tons of features as compared to Android and iOS.

      Stability wise, its the worst of the 3 platforms especially when it comes to toast notifications (Viber is saying that it is an issue with Microsoft).

      • Jay

        If you’ve used Viber on iOS now in its current form on iOS 7, it is very unstable. Windows Phone is just lack luster in general, and Viber haven’t been very consistent with pushing updates in a linear sequence with its mobile platform diversity, having different teams working on their respective Mobile/Desktop OS.

        In direct relevance to this article, it will soon be a week elapsed from when that photo hinting the submission of Vibers iOS 7 long over due update. As Finn pointed out, iOS app update submissions should’ve been between 2-5 days and by now would’ve been released. I assume Viber have received approval of the update and are holding onto it for some reason, before publishing it to the app store.

        Until then, iPhone users are still left clinging to an app that doesn’t function properly to its entirety and looks very out of touch with the current UI.

        • I’ll have more information on the update’s availability soon. Stay tuned! πŸ™‚

          • new


          • Kai

            How exactly can you gain information on Vibers iOS update availability?

            I’d have to agree with Finn and Jay. Viber has sure taken their time to push this update for iPhone users. I have noticed a stream of very unsettled iOS users on Vibers twitter complaining the constant reiteration and repetition of Vibers identical responses to questions stating that ‘it’s coming real soon’ to ‘released in the coming weeks’ for a very long time now.

            They really need to shape up and lift their game if they are to be competitive against WhatsApp/Facebook and Skype. I also express sentiment with angry iPhone users that also use Viber. The current version of the app at times doesn’t function properly and obviously does not utilise the current APIs as well as the UI with iOS 7.

            Josh, have you heard of anything, what can you share or can share a close ETA of it’s release that Viber cannot provide.

          • Hi Kai!

            Unfortunately I can’t say anything at the request of Viber (nondisclosure agreements and all that).

            I can say that they are definitely working on it and you shouldn’t have too much longer to wait.

            As always, I’ll keep everyone abreast of new changes and information as soon as I have it. I’ll have an article on these changes up ASAP!

          • Kai

            Hi Josh,

            So I’m assuming you know the release date for this.

            There’s one thing I do know though, and it is that Viber have said themselves that the update will be released this month, so we’re literally counting the days left.

            Can you at least confirm that they did actually submit it to Apple for review and approval last week?

            When you say they are ‘definitely working on it’, suggests that they’ve not actually completed the update at all. You also said that we shouldn’t have to wait too much longer, i’ve heard that many times before and it’s become somewhat a trademark sentence from Viber.

          • Hi Kai!

            I can indeed confirm that Viber has already submitted the app for review. I simply meant they were working on the approval. Sorry about that!

            I’ve been told the process is coming along, and Viber will let me know as soon as the app becomes available so I can get an article out. πŸ™‚

          • Kai

            Hi Josh!

            Haha wow, still doesn’t sound very promising on Vibers part, that is.

            I’m surprised the review and approval process for an app update is taking this long, unless Viber went through some hiccups along the process. I understand that you’ve been sworn to secrecy, although I must ask if April is definitely the month for the release. Viber has said so themselves, however the things they have stated over time have been misleading.

            You’d have to agree with me in some sense, that Viber have done a really good job keeping secrecy with the release date and have repetitively used similar statements over time on twitter answering questions in a deflecting way to achieve surprise and uncertainty to those waiting patiently and impatiently.

            The word ‘soon’ is a very broad term. Please reassure us that this ‘soon’ which is something Viber have pride using, actually is as closer as we think.

          • Jay

            Any news or updates Josh?

          • Hi Jay!

            I’ve been in contact with Viber, but no updates as of yet. It seems this update has been experiencing some problems with the approval process, or possibly delays due to last-minute changes made by Viber.

            When I find out which of these, or any other information, I’ll be sure to post something!

            In the meantime, be sure to follow us on social networks or stay tuned to our Forums for any news or updates! πŸ™‚

          • Jay

            It’s been a ridiculous wait, they have a week and a day left before the April calendar elapses and no update yet. Your article may need to be updated since the ETA hasn’t come as you predicted.

          • Actually, I wouldn’t be updating this article so far out from the date of publication. I will be posting a new article with any new information and simply link to this one for reference. It makes things easier to find that way. πŸ™‚

          • Jay

            Josh, how soon is soon… Info about this has been and is so scarce over the past week. Can you inform us that the upcoming features with this update will be ‘worth the extended wait’? What surprises can we expect besides a new UI and 4.2 features that Android contains?

          • Andy Quek

            Their most recent tweets still mentions “an update should be released in the next few weeks”.

          • Yeah, it appears something’s definitely stalled somewhere. They still have me under a nondisclosure for the details of the update, Jay, so I’m not able to provide the details. Unfortunately, it looks like we’re all going to have to wait for the time being.

            That being said, I have gotten in touch with a few contacts within Viber, so hopefully I’ll hear something within the next 12 hours or so.

          • Jay

            Thanks Josh, let us know asap when you receive the news on here.

          • Will do! πŸ™‚

        • Andy Quek

          I am not aware of the issues affecting iOS 7 users as I am a Windows Phone 8 user. I’ve seen a lot of people tweet about it on Viber’s Tweeter page, but is for them to make cosmetic changes to the app so that it looks more inline with iOS 7 and not on performance issues.

          Viber should restructure their whole team and most importantly have they streamline and release updates in parallel. They seems to be focusing primarily on Android as it has been gaining tons of fixes/new features while iOS and Windows Phone have been left at the backseat chasing air.

          Till this date Windows Phone 8 is still lacking basic backup feature and their implementation on Android and iOS is a complete joke. What is the use of one way backup via e-mail with no way to doing a restore should we need to reinstall their app due to performance issues? Cloud backup + restore is a must have and I’ve tweeted their CEO before requesting for the said feature and his reply was that it is impossible/not feasible as a backup alone could eat up about 500mb of data. What has he been smoking??? Why is it that WhatsApp can do a backup + restore with minimum data usage while Viber needs approx. 500mb data on backup alone?