February 5, 2023

WorldSIM Wins Best Organisational Travel Blog Award in the UK

WorldSIM, Travel SIM cards, Travel news

Last month, we reported that WorldSIM, one of the many global SIM cards we cover, was on the shortlist for winning Best Travel Blog in the UK. The company did, in fact, wind up winning the award for Best Organisational Travel Blog.

The UK Blog Awards celebrates the best bloggers in Britain across a wide range of subjects; from education to travel. WorldSIM won the award for Best Travel Blog in the Organisation category against runners up WWF and The Bon Vivant Journal.

“I’m so excited that WorldSIM have won this award,” Marketing Manager and writer of the WorldSIM blog, Andrea Crome, commented. “I love writing about quirky places to visit and ways to get the best out of your trip – I’m glad that people love reading it!”

It’s always great to see a company we cover win awards, and while we do have our own travel segment coming soon here on TruTower, no doubt WorldSIM’s blog, which focuses on unique travel experiences, captivating destinations and travel gadgets, would be an inspirational representation to anyone who wishes to enter this important blogging segment.