May 31, 2023

Even With WhatsApp and Messenger, Facebook Could Be Launching a Snapchat Competitor Into the Mix

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Facebook is not going to let itself go the way of MySpace and is intent on taking a firm lead in the mobile space. After a failed acquisition of Snapchat last year, the buyout of WhatsApp this year, and its own Messenger service, the company is reportedly planning to take on Snapchat at its own game.

“Slingshot” would be a separate app from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp

The new “Slingshot” app will be a standalone effort that will be separate from both Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. There will also be some slight differences from Snapchat. For example, users tap or hold a friend’s profile picture to send a photo or short video clip, which can be viewed only once.

Since Snapchat has shown itself to be extremely popular in North America, it’s understandable that Facebook would want to get its hands on its own solution since it wasn’t able to buy the original, and it will be interesting to see just how many messaging services the company can have before it starts to feel redundant.