February 6, 2023

BlackBerry CEO John Chen: BlackBerry Messenger Will Be Coming to Windows Phone in July

BBM on WP, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone, WP8 messaging

After confirming the arrival of BBM for WP devices back in April this summer, BlackBerry CEO John Chen confirmed that the popular messaging app will be making the leap to Windows Phone in July. This means nearly all of the major messaging apps are available for Microsoft’s mobile platform or are confirmed for a near future release.

This is very good news for millions of Windows Phone users, and should hopefully bring an end to some developers thinking of Windows Phone as an afterthought.

Pent-up demand could lead the Windows Phone version to the same success as other versions

John Chen made the welcome announcement during this week’s earnings call. If pent-up demand for BBM on Windows Phone is any indication, it could see the same or similar success as it has on other platforms upon its release.

While exact features and look and feel have yet to be confirmed or announced, it’s expected that Windows Phone’s app will have the same features that are available on the Android and iOS versions, including BBM Channels and BBM Voice.

As soon as the app is available, we’ll be sure to deliver all of this information and post the QR code here to allow for easy download.