March 21, 2023

Fluffy and Bitsy Stickers Buzz and Bounce Onto imo Instant Messenger

Stickers provide more creative ways for users of many messaging apps to show their individual moods. Widely considered to be the modern day equivalent of the beloved emoticon, stickers — particularly those that are animated — go above and beyond what a simple pixelated smiley can portray.

The newest stickers on imo’s messaging app are no exception. The newest additions, portraying a bumblebee named Bitsy and a bunny named Fluffy, were both announced this week, and allow users on Android and iOS express themselves in even more unique ways.

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In addition to the “I’m feeling geeky” duo of stickers above, the collection also includes an animated sticker for Buzz and love and car stickers for Fluffy, all shown here.

Fluffy was created by designer, Max Kulakov while Bitzy was created by designer Chris Seguritan. Both collections are available for free on’s web, Android, iOS, and Amazon apps.