September 29, 2022

OneSimCard Drops Rates for 28 EU Countries Beginning Today, Offers Numbers With SMS for US and Canada

European Union, EU Flag, EU Roaming Charges

Hot on the heels of Truphone’s announcement in May and XXSIM’s announcement earlier, global carrier OneSimCard has listed in an email that the OneSimCard Plus standard data rates for all 28 European Union (EU) countries have been reduced by 50 percent starting today.

This brings the cost for each MB of data down to $0.25 from the previous rate of $0.50. OneSimCard Plus European Discount Data Packages are also available at $0.20 per MB for those who would prefer to purchase a plan rather than go the Pay-Per-Use route.

In addition, the company has also announced that US & Canadian PENs (Personal Extra Numbers) are now available, as are SMS capabilities for these numbers. The new SMS enabled PENs are available in the OneSimCard shopping cart in the “Add Personal Extra Number” section of the OneSimCard website.

OneSimCard also has a calling application that may be of use to global travelers who find themselves in an area without a stable wireless network connection but plentiful Wi-Fi.