March 27, 2023

XXSIM Price Reductions Over the Weekend Allow For Cheaper Roaming in Thailand

XXSIM, International Roaming, Prepaid phone service

We saw XXSIM international roaming prices drop on July 1 at the same time as roaming prices in all of the European Union did the same and over the weekend, Thailand joined those 35 countries with its own reduced roaming rates.

The new rates for XXSIM users placing outgoing calls in Thailand are now EUR 0.50 instead of their former EUR 0.59 price tag. That may not seem like a big difference, but for anyone who has experienced this, it can potentially save quite a bit on the roaming phone bill.

We’ve seen a number of reductions in roaming costs over the past few weeks, and while this particular drop isn’t a direct result of prices dropping in the European Union, together it means that hopefully we’ll have more money to spend on our business trips or, even better, for those much-needed holidays.

You can find out more about XXSIM and look into getting your own card on our official XXSIM SIM card page.