February 7, 2023

ooVoo Adds Push Notifications for Missed Calls, Friend of Friend Support to Windows Phone App

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After fixing some annoying bugs in the previous update, ooVoo has once again released an update for Windows Phone devices, this time with more in mind. In fact, this is the biggest update the app for Windows Phone has seen since it launched on the platform in early June.

Version adds push notifications for any missed calls you might amass, which is definitely a very good and useful change. You no longer have to worry about opening the app to check and see if you have missed calls.

Secondly, the new update now supports friend of friend additions after video calls. Once a call with a friend of a friend ends, you’ll be able to add them as contacts, which could open the doors for meeting some new people while staying within your social circle.

ooVoo also added a friendly reminder to let you know to have your location services turned on to ensure the app functions properly, and the company also included some unspecified bug fixes as well.

You can download the new version of ooVoo for Windows Phone by utilizing this QR code.