November 27, 2022

WhatsApp for Android Wear Compatibility Brings More Messaging to Your Watch

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WhatsApp is currently king of the messaging app hill with over 500 million users, and it’s about to bring a bit of sci-fi functionality into your reality thanks to Android Wear.

Starting today, you’ll be able to read all of the stacked messages (not just notifications) and reply to messages directly from your wrist using the voice-enabled functionality of the smartwatch, which should make it a little easier to keep in close contact with your family and friends.

The new features are being kept quiet however, launching (via) as a manual update with no mention of the changes in the latest changelog of the publicly available application.

WhatsApp Messenger isn’t the first messaging app to be made available for the Android wearable. TextMe also recently launched a special version of its app on the device.

The WhatsApp update should be made available to Google Play Store users soon and downloadable via this QR code, but you can also choose to manually update if you want to try it out on your own Wear device right now by hitting this link.