March 27, 2023

Facebook Messenger Version 9 for Android Will Support Voice Replies Through Android Wear

Facebook Messenger, Android OS, FBMessenger

We’ve seen a number of apps launching compatibility with the new Android Wear device as wearables begin to complement smartphones in a big way, particularly through messaging apps.

According to Facebook’s Ian Lake, Facebook version 9 for Google’s mobile platform will recieve the ability to receive voice replies through the smartwatch.

“For many users, you’ll also gain the ability to send a ‘like’ thumbs up reply and mute notifications from actions on your phone or Android Wear device,” Lake notes.

“you’ll also gain the ability to send a ‘like’ thumbs up reply and mute notifications”

Facebook Messenger joins a growing number of calling and messaging apps. So far we’ve seen TextMe’s June 27 release as well as WhatsApp’s latest release lighting up support for the device, and there will likely be more in the near future as well.

To get the new version and start receiving voice replies on your wrist, use this QR code to download the new update, available for smartphones and tablets.