February 6, 2023

XXSIM Continues to Lower Costs With Reduced Outgoing Call Rates Within European Union

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Roaming carrier XXSIM has been consistently lowering its prices at a slow pace. On top of lowering its data and text messaging rates for European Union travelers in early July in conjunction with the new European roaming rules, the carrier also lowered Thailand roaming rates in mid-July.

Now it’s looking to ease the burden of roaming costs for European travelers a little more with a recently announced reduction in roaming rates for outgoing calls made from the European Union to phones in the same region. The new rates are dropping to EUR0.15 instead of their former EUR0.19 rate.

Bill shock, the phenomenon of having extremely high roaming bills after returning from a personal or business trip overseas, can be greatly reduced by even the smallest reduction in roaming prices, so even though this may seem like a small change, it can nevertheless have a larger impact overall.

XXSIM travel SIM cards can be obtained via the XXSIM website.