March 27, 2023

BBM For Windows Phone Receives a Small Update to Fix SMS Invite Issue

BBM, BlackBerry Messenger for Windows Phone, free apps on WP

Last week, BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) was the recipient of a major update that dropped the app’s beta tag and brought BBM’s official public release to the Windows Phone Store.

Just mere moments ago, an update was released into the WP Store that fixes an apparent issue related to accepting SMS invites. No other changes or issues seem to have been reported or fixed, and that’s a good thing, especially for an app this early in its life cycle on a new platform.

BBM was released to Windows Phone users late last month in beta form, bringing one of the few remaining calling and messaging apps that aren’t yet on Microsoft’s mobile platform to the world of Live Tiles.

It was also reported last week that BBM Protected will eventually launch on all platforms, bringing its new $30 per year price tag with it.

Download the new BBM update via the Windows Phone Store.