January 29, 2023

LINE Issues Security Upgrade That Notifies Users When Their Account is Logged in Via PC

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LINE has just released an upgrade that will notify you if someone you don’t know is using your account on a PC and more.

The upgrade, made as part of LINE’s “security reinforcements,” affects both the PC version of LINE as well as the LINE Web Store and is meant to make account holders feel more secure when using the application on their smart devices.

Specifically, users will receive these security login notifications when:

  • Someone is confirmed to have logged in or failed to log in using the PC version of LINE
  • Someone is confirmed to have logged in or failed to log in through the LINE Web Store

Should either of these occur, you’ll get a message similar to the following on your smartphone from a special LINE account:

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It’s worth noting that you don’t have to be friends with the aforementioned special account to receive these security notifications.

This upgrade comes at a time when LINE is eying America as it looks to expand beyond its Japanese roots into larger and much more competitive markets.

LINE is available on most major mobile platforms as well as PCs.