February 7, 2023

ooVoo for Windows Phone Now Allows Users to Name Groups, Includes Cloud Syncing Support

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ooVoo for Windows Phone, which only recently launched on the platform, has just received an update that adds some key features and improvements.

One such notable addition is that of a badge count for missed calls and unread messages, making it easier to see this information without having to dig deep into the app.

Also new to the latest Windows Phone update is the ability to name your groups. You can now choose a name for your group, and anyone in the group can also edit the name.

Arguably one of the most important new additions would benefit those who are using ooVoo on both Windows Phone as well as an Android or iOS device. All of your read and unread messages are now synced from the cloud, so if you read a message on one device, it won’t show as unread when you log in on a different device. This is similar to a feature rolled out to Skype in an update earlier this year.

Finally, ooVoo took a little time to “spray for bugs” in the new version, which is now available in the Windows Phone Store.