February 6, 2023

SimplyRoam Announces Lower Prices for Six Travel Destinations in Asia, South America, and the Middle East

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If you’re looking to do some last-minute traveling this summer, you may want to consider packing a SimplyRoam SIM Card with your other belongings before you go. That’s because SimplyRoam has just announced a price cut for six popular travel destinations that should assist in avoiding big problems.

The global carrier has slashed its data rates in China, India, Brazil, UAE, Egypt and Mexico by a whopping 65 percent, which it says moves the counties up to its Zone 2 (Business Traveller) status.

SimplyRoam data roaming rates have been slashed in China, India, Brazil, UAE, Egypt and Mexico

SimplyRoam is a global roaming SIM card specially designed for international travel. The service was Launched initially this year in London and provides 3G data roaming service, including tethering, in 110 countries. The company says it has “been working hard to expand” its global coverage as it competes with a growing number of global carriers.

SimplyRoam SIM Cards and service can be purchased via the SimplyRoam website.