Snapper, The First Full-Featured Snapchat Client for Windows 8.1, Now Available

It’s no secret that there were failed attempts at creating a quality Snapchat client on Windows 8.1 in the past, but Snapper looks like it could be a real winner.

Snapchat, Snap apps, Snapping on Windows

The client, published by Bubble Kartel, has the most promise of any Windows PC or tablet client to date. The app functions exactly as you’d expect a Snapchat client would. You can take snaps using the same methods as the native Snapchat application, add friends, and of course view snaps sent by your friends.

access your latest snaps as well as your friend list in one central location

There are some differences, though. After you’ve downloaded the app from the Windows Store and signed in, you can scroll down to access your latest snaps as well as your friend list in one central location, whereas with the native Snapchat you can scroll to the right for your friends list and scroll left for the list of recent snaps.

Despite having the two in one location, the app is really easy to navigate. Just scroll to the right once you’re on your list of snaps to see your full list of friends. Scroll back up to return to the home screen and take a new snap.

Snapper, Snapchat for Windows, Snapchat on tablets and PC

Another handy feature of Snapper is the ability to utilize Dropbox for your snaps. As you can see in the screenshot, if you have Dropbox installed, you’ll get a notification on your desktop that gives you the option of sharing your Dropbox screenshots as snaps, which could come in handy for some.

All in all, Snapper looks like it could finally do what other would-be Snapchat clients have thus far failed to: create a high quality and full Snapchat experience for Windows PC and tablet users. We’ll have a review for Snapper posted soon. For now, you can download Snapper via the Windows Store.

  • Bilesha Welton

    That’s really awesome. I love using it with a tablet 🙂 Thanks for posting this!

    • You’re welcome! I’ll have a review posted soon!

      • alan gigi

        How can I get it on a windows phone

        • noty

          They deleted all snap chat third party apps. It’s now impossible to get snap chat working

  • Libby Astle

    How can you add to your story?

    • Zack Kennedy

      You’ll find story under your contacts

  • kat

    you can’t log out after you logged in. and if you can, how?

    • Josh Robert Nay

      Swipe from the right to access the charms bar, tap on My Account, and then tap the Disconnect button to log out. 🙂

    • Aly

      I looked at the comment below, but I still don’t understand it. :c How do you log out?

  • Abby

    how do you change the layout to portrait instead of landscape?

    • Zack Kennedy

      You can just turn your device. It works for me.

  • Te_Aomarama

    Why does it say that something went wrong when I got everything right?

    • Zack Kennedy

      What’s wrong?

  • Chris Williams

    I don’t like how it won’t send me any type of notification when I receive a snap. That’s my only complaint about it!

  • nanou

    I can’t see the picture that someone send me how I can do?

  • ashley

    how do you story skip on here

  • tj

    how do u update it on laptop