February 7, 2023

Mr. and Mrs. Egg, Knuckledraggers Stickers Now Available on imo.im

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The last sticker set for imo instant messenger came out nearly two weeks ago, and today, two more sticker sets are making their way to the imo Sticker Shop and introduce a few new characters to the imo family.

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First, there’s the Mr. and Mrs. Egg set, which also features the below animated sticker. Who knows? This sticker might be just the thing to send to someone whom you’re trying to motivate to do something. As is the case with all stickers, this set acts as a way to replace emoticons with something a little more personal.

The second set launching on imo features the Knuckledraggers, consisting of four new characters — Dwight, Fran and baby Pat, as well as their pet dinosaur Orville. This particular set is a bid to bring you back to the caveman days and was created by designer Chris Seguritan.

Both of these sticker sets and many others can be accessed via the latest version of imo.im on Android, iPhone, iPad and Amazon.