November 27, 2022

OneSimCard Lowers Voice, SMS Roaming Rates in Many Latin American Countries Beginning September 3

OneSimCard, International Roaming SIM, Global nano-SIM card

Travel SIM card provider OneSimCard has announced that it will be lowering the roaming rates of different services for many countries in Latin America starting September 3.

Outgoing voice rates will be dropping in the region to the following prices: Argentina -$0.69, Columbia – $0.49, Dominican Republic – $0.55, Guatemala – $0.59, Honduras – $0.65, Nicaragua – $0.69, Panama – $0.65, Paraguay – $0.49, Peru – $0.55 and Uruguay – $0.65

It’s also worth noting that from now on, incoming voice calls in all the above countries will be available free of cost to travelers.

In addition, classic outgoing text messaging rates will change to the following: Chile, Dominican Republic, Paraguay and Uruguay – $0.40. Argentina, Columbia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama – $0.25

Finally, data roaming rates will be reduced significantly to $0.85 per MB in Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Paraguay, and OneSimCard Plus will begin offering data services in Argentina, Columbia, Panama, Peru and Uruguay at the rate of $0.85 per MB.

You can find out more about the new rates and obtain a OneSimCard before your next trip via OneSimCard’s website.