February 7, 2023

Animated Stickers Featuring New Character Marie Launch on imo Instant Messenger

imo messenger, instant messaging, chatting app and stickers

If you’re a science buff or you just have to collect every single sticker that gets released on imo’s instant messaging platform, then you’ll probably find Marie, the company’s newest character, at least somewhat appealing.

Marie was created by imo designer Liz Nugent.

While it’s not immediately clear how exactly you will be able to use these animated stickers, the whole point of them is to replace emoticons and provide new ways to communicate and show emotion and personality. Emoticons were largely limited to the latter, but the stickers can really help with the personality side as users send their favorites to family and friends.

The new Marie stickers are available a quickly growing number of others on imo. You’ll want to update your imo for Android, iPhone, iPad and Amazon apps to be able to download the free stickers.

What do you think of the new Marie stickers? Post your thoughts in the comments!