September 27, 2022

Tango for Android Updated With Better Group Chat Experience, News Feed Sorting Options

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Tango has just received an update (the version number depends on the device you have) that makes a few notable changes to the overall chat experience.

For starters, the update brings a “better group chat experience,” which as far as we can tell prevents some slow down and crashing and works on function rather than form unlike previous releases have done.

As part of that, you can now view your News Feed posts by different “groupings” including All, My Channels, and My Friends, which will help you find your content without having to scroll through a crowded and quickly growing News Feed.

Finally, you can now also hide friends in your contact list.

The new update can be downloaded directly via Google Play for free. Let us know in the comments if you notice any changes to the group chat aside from what we’ve listed above as well as how the new updaet works for you. As for us, we’re off to play another round of Road Riot.