February 6, 2023

Viber Launches “Bear With Me” Sticker Set in the Viber Sticker Market

Viber Stickers, Viber app, calls and sms

Stickers are a great way to express yourself when you’re chatting with your friends via VoIP or messaging, and go farther than emoticons go as far as options and expressions go. Viber’s stickers are no exception, and there’s now a new set available for download in the Viber sticker shop, launched today.

The new set, Bear With Me, contains a kind of grumpy seeming bear with plenty of grumpy statements in stickers to boot, including such classics as “This sucks!” and “WTF?!” but there are also some times when he almost seems nice with statements like “I’ll be bear!” and “Sweet.”

The fun of the sticker sets, though, is not so much in their content as it is in their actual delivery. How you use the stickers is completely up to you, and can change the meaning of the stickers under a variety of circumstances.

You can get the new “Bear With Me” sticker set for free via the latest version of Viber.