February 7, 2023

GlobalWebIndex: WeChat, WhatsApp Continue to Dominate the Mobile Messaging and Calling World

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While WhatsApp continues to rank as the top messaging platform in the world, Tencent’s WeChat ranks as a close second. In fact, GlobalWebIndex says 35% of the global mobile audience aged 16-64 are using it each month.

This puts it ahead of WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Skype, but this is largely due to China, which isn’t really a shocker considering most WeChat’s users reside there. Over 80% of the country’s mobile users engage with WeChat each month, giving it a vast national following.

GlobalWebIndex, WeChat, WhatsApp

In other markets, WeChat still struggles in the vastly growing messaging space. WhatsApp ranks in first place outside China with 39 percent, while Facebook’s Messenger now stands at 38 percent.

Despite its growth and strides lately, being used by over half of teens in the UK and Canada, as well as its seemingly never-ending headline coverage, Snapchat is still a relatively minor force globally: just 5 percent of the global mobile audience are using it each month, according to GWI. This is slightly below Viber, which has 8 percent.