January 29, 2023

Themed Smileys Arrive for Kik Messenger on Android in Messaging App’s Latest Update

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After rolling out themed smileys to iOS users yesterday, Kik didn’t wait to long to do the same for users of its popular messaging app on Android devices.

The new themed smileys give you a little more self expression while using Kik and can be seen as somewhat of an answer to the wide array of stickers that have been rolled out for other messaging apps over the past year or so.

Kik also released the circular profile pics in a July update for Android that brought it up to speed with the app on iPhone and iPad, which had the circular pics months before Android, so seeing an update for Google’s OS so soon after Apple’s is a sight that will undoubtedly be welcomed with open arms by the Androids of the world.

You can download the new Kik Messenger update via this QR code. Post your thoughts on the new Kik update in the comments below or in the Forums.