February 6, 2023

Garfield, Mini Marilyn Stickers Now Available on BBM Sticker Shop

Garfield Stickers, Paws Inc. Garfield, BBM Stickers

Stickers are a great way to express yourselves (or show off your interests) while you’re chatting with your friends and BBM now has a couple more sticker sets to add to its already extensive collection that will be especially helpful if you’re a big fan of Garfield or lasagna.

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Stickers depicting the much beloved orange feline from Paws Inc. are now available in the BBM shop starting today to give you a nice taste of nostalgia if you’re a fan of the classic cartoon from the 80’s or if you’re a fan of the new character iterations.

Garfield’s not the only one launching a sticker set in the store today either. Stickers for girls that are portraying Mini Marilyn, a character set by Authentic Brands Group, are also available.

Both sticker sets are running for $1.99 USD and can be downloaded via the BBM Shop. Download the latest BBM update and head to the sticker shop to download. Post your thoughts on BBM’s new offerings in the comments below.