June 1, 2023

Snapchat COO Emily White: Users “Don’t Like to Be Tricked” With Ads in Apps

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We’ve seen quite a few advertising campaigns hit many messaging apps in the past year or more. For instance, Tango launched native ads last year which make the ads appear to be a part of the application.

Snapchat, however, sees things a little bit differently.

Snapchat is taking a different approach to in-app advertising

Snapchat isn’t interested in making the ads seem native, according to the company’s COO Emily White, as reported by Business Insider. Instead, it’s taking a different approach to advertising.

Snapchat isn’t a fan of native advertising, according to the company’s COO Emily White.

The company will give advertisers their very own space to use on the app, completely separate from the messaging side of things, so that users can choose to interact with the ads or ignore them. We’ve seen this approach with the company’s new Ouija ad launched this week.

“It’s getting really confusing to users”

“It’s getting really confusing to users. They don’t like to be tricked,” White said at a GroupM conference in New York.

In the same blog post that announced the Ouija advertisement, the company posted a similar opinion on the subject, saying it wouldn’t “put advertisements in [users] personal communication – things like Snaps or Chats,” saying that doing so “would be totally rude.”

In light of this, the Ouija ran in the Stories section of the application, completely separate from the user contact list and messaging section. White describes the ad as “a piece of content” that is not a pre-roll.

What do you think of Snapchat’s approach?